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Community-based approach to child labour gets support at Global Conference in Argentina

On the 16th of November the thousands of participants in the IV Global Conference on the Sustained Eradication of Child Labour in Argentina adopted the Buenos Aires Declaration on Child Labour, Forced Labour and Youth Employment. The declaration had been in the making during various meetings of the tripartite partners of the ILO: the governments, employers and union. While NGOs are not directly involved in this process, Stop Child Labour was able to bring forward its recommendations during meetings with the Ministry of Social Affairs in the Netherlands. Our focus has been on the role of civil society, the area- or community-based approach to child labour, the importance of quality education and the need for supply chains that are free of child labour and other labour rights violations. Stop Child Labour is happy to see in the Final Declaration of the Global Child Labour Conference in Argentina the recognition of the importance of area-based and community interventions for eradicating child labour.

Read more about the Conference and support for the community-based approach to child labour.

Read here the position paper that we prepared for the Conference.

Read here an overview of key results and best practices from our ‘Out of Work and into School’ programme (2014 – 2017).


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